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Scooter Cag Engine Mebe.

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Bought a scooter frame off a guy a couple of weeks back. It came with 2 motors but none of the original reduction gearing you can see the holes for in the side of the rear housing. Both engines were way too small (26cc zen clones) to push it without reduction. So I decided to throw a spare 40cc cag engine on there to start with. Then upgrade the engine with 49cc 2 piece, 3 port head kit I have laying about.

Built an engine mount out of an old pocket bike engine mounting plate and some box steel, that then bolts onto the housing. Geared 6-68 with wheels the same diameter as the pocket quads so it should roll along fine well.

The neck has some serious wobble in it so it's not attached in the image while I work out how to stiffen it right up. May have to lengthen the deck too as the stance is a bit cramped and it might be too far forward. Any scooter lovers out there feel free to comment.

Its got a great drum brake on the rear which gives me plenty of stopping power.
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Nice build, where are you going to mount the gas tank, needs to be above the engine for a piston carb. A pumper carb would work much better, the tank can be below the engine.
Was a little unsure to be honest about the tank. I've got a limited number of pumper carbs and at the moment they're all on bikes. Either I've got to order another over from the US or UK or hook up a tank above. It would be great to tuck a tank up under the engine out of the way when riding....hmm.

I'll decide after my weekend away in the mountains. Gotta go pack for the weekend to head out to a log cabin up in the mountains where I'll be kicking back and drink some red wine, eating lots of tasty food and roasting some form of nut on an open fire with my girl. Geez life is hard ;)
Nice build.....The rear kinda looks like my Vista Viper scooter......Keep up the good work..

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Very similar. Think I even have the gearing and clutch drum identical to the top gear I can see there. What cc i that engine.
Very similar. Think I even have the gearing and clutch drum identical to the top gear I can see there. What cc i that engine.
45cc's...It came stock with a HDA series carb

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That carb looks like an HDA 223, I just got a new one, but it has a purge fitting on the bottom.
The HDA 223 doesnt have a purgeport hole and comes on the trailripper 46cc engines...My engine is a 45cc
It's on my Red Head engine now, with the GRT40 billet manifold, that took 6 hrs to mod all the parts to make it fit. Will try to make a thread w/ photos later today.
Found out that my carb is an HDA 185....I had to give it a rebuild today to get the Viza to run properly so I can get into phase 2 of the plan which is to turn it into a mini sitdown scooter for cruising around the swap meets in a few weeks,,,,,,My plan is to stick footpegs on the front axle to make an easy placement for the feet....

The black one is the stock internal fuel flappers...the transparent one is the one you need to build performance ...The transparent unit is more ethanol resistant aswell and can be run with alchohol based fuels...

I always buy extras

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There are so many carbs, I have kits for my WT 603,668 and 813 carbs, will have to go to Dave's sometime and get a 223 and 48D kits.
Did you say 68-6? That's a ratio of 11.3:1 ... That things gonna accelerate like mad!
Did you say 68-6? That's a ratio of 11.3:1 ... That things gonna accelerate like mad!
6/68 is the stock gearing of cags.....6/74 will give ya some nice arm pump on a cag.....My stand-up scooter has a 18/32 gearing right now.One of these days Im gonna swap the 25 tooth rear sprocket rim off my X1..With my modified CVT modded to kick in when the engines just about redlined in the lowend before it shifts got a pretty nice and quick lowend takeoff....Itll pull the lowend to near redline before variating in 20-25ft and max out topend inside of 50 feet.......
6/68 yes I'm sorry lol ... I have a few sprockets sitting around the garage, I oughtta do what u do CAM and mess around with some. Swap others out and see what kinda difference it makes on the overall performance.
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