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selling +5 speed booster adapter from mykwilwin

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need more speed from your razor pocket bike, dirt bike or xp700-707 without replacing any componants, the +5 as seen in action on youtube video's from mykwilwin and others showing this unique plug in adapter on razor's and xp700's going 20 to 26 mph, +5 just plugs in-between your battery/controller connector and allows you to add an r/c 6 or 7 cell nimh battery pack with tamiya connector into the circut for a +5 mph increase for less than $10 not including battery
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I have one I got from you back awhile ago. It's great for the money, don't think I could buy the parts and do it the cheap myself. It plugs right into your stock wiring w/ a 3rd battery hook up, and it adds about 5 mph top speed and better takeoff also with out breaking the Bank,lol.
$10 for a wiring harness. spam spam spam
why are we negating the fact you must match ah ratings unless you want to simply throw away $40.
yes it works.
yes it's quick and easy
but it is only a temporary boost.
all 3 batteries are wired in series so you get a temporary overvolt until the small rc battery drains out and you go back to 24v.
the problem is the 3rd battery is still wired in the chain and it's dead now because you got your speed burst.
overtime this battery will lose it's charge faster and faster.
the minimum battery cost is $40.
either shell out for a new controller and 3rd battery, or pay extra money for a cheap thrill?
if there was an easy way to wire a turbo button you could have the best of both worlds, but that's a little above me.

ultimately the choice is yours, and like epr says it's easy.
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These are not safe. You do not want to mix battery types unless you like to watch your bike burn up.

If you have to do it go with a 6v sealed lead acid battery of the same ah rating. Just be aware you might blow the stock controller when overvolting.

Right on. not safe, and a waste of money. adding a 6v shouldn't pop the stock controller. it may even work. the 1st time i rigged 36v the controller just went "click" returning to 24v the scoot worked again. there is a bit of protection on these things.
adding 6v will only give you 30v, but you will see a big jump in speed and take off power.
the best bet is to buy a 36v controller and a 12v battery. the bike will rip compared to 24v.
if you had the money you could scrap the heavy lead and use 2 5s(37v) lipos or 3 3s(33.3v) lipos.
5ah lipo is about the same range as 7ah lead without the preformance dropoff. lead is heavy and gets weaker with each throttle pull. lipo stays strong until the end. but they are not cheap. you are looking at $100+ to get started.
That's why I took all the electric off the Razor and am putting a 49cc Daytona Z1 Cag one ring piston engine, can't deal with all that electric stuff.
It seems like a way to make money then make even more money.....You introduce that wire harness and promise a sweet boost but alls you get is a throbbing headache then you realize you need to go bigger or leave it alone or if things burn up the option of replacing whats broken opr throw the bike away........Ive seen alot do the latter...

Im liking this dual motor setup but think the rear sprocket isnt gonna be able to handle the torque unless you use a controller from like an electric palletjack or forklift that offer the high current soft start-up relay inside...Thats what my friend used on the Oldschool minibike he converted to 2hp electric motor from a treadmill and the controller from a yale palletjack...The best part is the controller has a power boost button like nitrous too that gives a pretty nice kick in the pants when pressed...

Id go with a steel motorplate and not wory about weight too much even for MX riding they sell really strong batteries that are very very light...Theres a guy on utube with a dual hub motor bike that weighs nothing...Youre gonna have to upgrade the suspension and the tires to real Japan MX bike treads to keep control on dirt while riding yours...LOL......Theres a guy on utube with a 700lb 50,000watt belt driven gokart that just peels the wheels all over the parking lot for like 3-4 minutes straight with no problems other than really heated tires and loss of alot of tread.............



I also found this one for ya...The guy has a 4 speed semi-auto loncin engine with pedals on a 50mph pedal hybrid..Now alls it needs is the electric hub motors in the rims and lipo battery pack to become a likeness concept of your hybrid bike but with pedals........................

I think I found my new toy.............LOL...Im gonna order a frame kit and do a 140/150cc build........They look pretty easy......


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seen bassiclyloudog's post of upgrading the controller to a 36v and adding a battery. will it work for a razor pr200 even though it is only a 24v 250watt motor?
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