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shift light

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i have what i think is an X18 is there a way i can get a shift light for it so i know exactly when to shift it so i can get the RPM's higher?
this is my bike does anyone know what kind of frame it has?
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When it won't go any faster in one gear shift. If your laying down on the bike you can't see a shift light anyway.
My Vapor has a shift light aswell as overrev light and it is pretty noticeable even though if you get a real feel for your bike you can feel the power and judge the rpms just on premonition alone............I dont need to stare at my tach in my stickshift vehicles to know when to shift...I can actually feel when to......even with the stereo pushing some wattage to the eardrums i can drive the wheels off the car/truck/superbike and not mis-shift once...LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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