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Should i do the petcock mod?

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I ordered a new stock exhaust pipe for my cag yesterday. I figured while i wait for it i should look up ways to make it faster. Its all stock aside from a new spark plug. Will the petcock mod add alot of performance? How much rpm's should i gain?
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petcock mod doesnt do much but allow you to cut your fuel off so it doesnt stay in the carb. Im not sure peoples beliefs on letting the carb run out of gas, but ive never had issues.

It also allows for possibly bigger fuel lines, but however that still doesnt add the performance youre looking for, and definitely arent gonna increase any rpms

Its a practical mod to do, but isnt going to yield any noticeable gains.

Good luck to you
The stock turn off has rubber inside that rips and blocks your fuel to the carb or lets all the gas out of your tank. That's what the mod is for, and we put a new shutoff valve above it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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