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Should I Make a YouTube Video?

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So I was thinking about making a YouTube video about my bike. I don't want to take a lot of time and only get like 10 views though. If I made one would you watch it? Please reply 'yes' or 'no'. Thanks!
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Are there going to b any crazy wrecks or explosions if so ill watch lol
No haha just showing my bike and the upgrades and such.
Sure why not I've been meaning to make one or at least a how to u
YouTube channel for a while my problem is time if I have any free time I have to decide of upgrading my bike or riding it lol

A Michael bay YouTube film with mid bikes would be cool tho lmao
If it is a nice clear video i would watch it.
Hates those close up's of just the back tire.
I tried doing a riding video with my cell not to good unless you want to see the ground go by real fast lol and I'm not to keen on spending the money on a gopro unless I'm track riding other wise I would prob only use it about 4-5 times
Well I have good editing software and a good camera so I guess I will make one. Probably just a walk around and explaing it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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