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Hey all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to hold a 2 hour endurance race on our last race date of the year, Sep. 19th. The details have not been worked out just yet but I wanted to gage responce to holding this extra race. We will most likely have to condense the race day to 1 heat and 1 main event in order to accomodate the extra time it takes to run it but this is not uncommon. For rules about the endurace, please look in your 2004 SMRRC rulebook under "Endurance race" for details. (if you have not downloaded a copy of the rule book, you can get one by going to www.in2higear.com and go to the motorcycle section for SMRRC rulebook)

Unfortunately we won't be able to accomodate the pocket bikes for this event for several reasons, most of all the size and speed relationship. I hope everyone understands. I don't like to disappoint anyone but I'm afraid it would be to dangerous to have them on the track at the same time for that long of a period. Licensed SMRRC pocketbike racers are welcome to join and race on a team with a bike that qualifies. Again, please refer to your rule books on endurance rules and what qualifies.

Logistics and soforth will be worked out in the coming weeks and I should have more info by this next race. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to putting it on.

Just incase some of you are to lazyhttp://ducati.bayarearidersforum.com/forums/images/smilies/4.gif to down load the SMRRC rule book concerning the endurance race rules, I took the liberty and cut and pasted them for you to print out and study. (Note) I slightly changed them from the original rule book to add a few things so if you think you already have or seen them, take a look at the modified rules.

I know some of you have freinds that are members of the club that may not frequent this forum so if you would please let them know about the race and what is needed to compete. I am tring to get the word out to everyone (members) so folks know what to expect. We are gonna try and have transponders for this event to make scoring more accurate so lets keep our fingers crossed. I have never run an endurance race (as race director) so please work with me and be patient. I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. Anyway, take a look below.


Endurance Race

The SMRRC Endurance Race is TBA each season. Sprint races on Endurance Race
weekend will consist of one 8 lap heat and one 10 lap main event for each class. This allows
comparable track time to all riders. Sprint race grid positions will be determined by pea-pick at
registration. The Endurance Race will start after the Sprint races have been completed.

1. There are three divisions:
*50cc Division - Stock, and Mod YSR.
*Modified Division – Super Mod. YSR, Mod Production (Big Wheel) and Stock Thunder
*Open Division - 80 GP, Unlimited Production

2. The entry fee is $50 per bike (team) entered.

3. Endurance race will be a two hour event

4. Track layout will be the same as the Sprint races.

5. Two rider minimum teams for 2 hour endurance. There is no limit of the number of riders per team; however, the riders must be listed during registration. All riders must be a member of the SMRRC or other YSR racing organization

6. If a rider crashes his/her bike and is unable to continue, another team rider may retrieve the bike
after the crashed rider is under the ambulance crew’s care or is back in the pit area. The
retrieving member of the team must check in with the grid Marshall before going out to the track
to recover the bike. All teams must use the same bike throughout the event..

7. If the bike has a mechanical problem, it is the responsibility of the rider to get the bike back to the
pits unassisted in a safe manner under the direction of a corner Marshall or track official.

8. Any bike leaking oil or gas will not be allowed back onto the track surface. Leaking bikes will
be parked until the endurance race is over.

9. The pre-grid will be used for rider exchanges. All teams may set up their pits in this area after the
sprint races. The pits will be lined up along the perimeter fences of the pre-grid. No pits will be
allowed in the center of the pre-grid. Riders will exit the track via a taped off section leading
them to the pre-grid. They will then re-enter the track from the pre-grid.

10. Racers riding between the track exit STOP sign and the pre-grid must remain in FIRST GEAR
(a pit Marshall will be monitoring each bike). If you shift out of first gear, your team will be
docked 2 laps. If two bikes exit the track at the same time, they are to proceed in a single file to
the pre-grid entrance. The is NO RACING for rider changes or pit stops once a rider has exited the track.
Violators will be docked laps.

11. Pedestrians have the right of way throughout the pit area and riders are expected to conduct
themselves accordingly

12. There will be no refunds for bikes with mechanical failures once they have participated in the
endurance regardless of how many laps have been completed.
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