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so arfter looking at this threds i wont a cag?

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hello so arfter roading all theres threds i wont one so tell me what type i should get and also what i can and cant do whats the standerd speed and what sort can i get out of it?
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Cags are the cheapest midimoto fun,,,depending on your skill level these small engines can really belt out some power....My 43cc 15:1 Evil Wasp cag can run right there with my Polini910 Carrena 6.2 w/c'd,,,so does my madly modded 49cc 3 port Black Magic cag.....

My stock modded cag gets to see most of the action and the fun seeings its not overpowered like the EWC and the BMC...for some reason today in the unusually cool weather both were running saweeetly today....I had most of the clan out and tuned in for the days fun...only casualty was the smaller chain on the outboard side of the Punisher Jr stand-up scooter and i may have a possible glazed clutch in the 2011 trophy cag....
I am still waiting for Hugh's new Cags to come in, at SD Scooters in Texas. Think he said $319 shipped. A2 Cag w/ a 49cc Zen/Mitsu piston port engine and Cag bell housing. There is MPR in California too $299 to $329 + shipping and maybe CA. tax if your in this state.
wellthat new cag sounds good do you think i can sores them in the uk?
Forgot you were over seas. I sent a 44mm piston to England, 4 ozs w/ the box. $6.50, so to ship a whole bike, don't even want to guess.
I would start searching Ebay,uk, for a new bike dealers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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