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Alright, guys, so I' ve had a schwinn stingray sitting around for awhile, in hopes of making a mini chopper out of it, but have just recently come upon the means to do so. I am new to the mini chopper scene and, of course, with any n00b, there comes questions and I have a couple for now and im sure many will follow throughout the build. Please bear with me.

My main questions right now are what gear ratios to use and mounting the engine, vibration damping etc...

The engine Im using is a mdoified Briggs 5hp engine from a racing kart, about 100cc. It has headwork done and performance pistons of some sort is about all i know. It has some other things done to it, total the hp at around 15. Im not sure on the RPM range. Its gas, not alcohol. I am hoping to replace the single wheel in the back with two wheels(modified three wheeler rear end? :confused:) I have no idea what size or how many teeth Im gonna need on the sprocket) Im looking for a pretty good balance between hp and torque, just a little high on the torque side. Im also not sure on how to mount the engine in order to keep it stable. Also, would it be too a heavy a load if I limited the brakes to one disk on the front wheel or should i also put one on the rear axle?

On an optional note, I was thinking about throwing a manual gear box on there, just to spice things up a lil bit.

Thanks for reading , yall and post any questions you have reguarding info required to help me. This is my first project and i know its not gonna be perfect, but I want it as close to perfect as i can get. Ill post pictures and video throughout the build.
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