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stupid idea!!!!

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so i was at work were i repair l oxygen equipment, and our homefill pumps look like 5 cyl radial engine. after about starring at it for 15 minutes i came up with the idea of a R10 radial engine with twin banks using cag heads and even using twin superchargers to pressurize the crankcase(1 sc for bank) probably will need a ultra tough clutch but it may trump the 3 engine cag!
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ah come on! any takers?!
sounds good to mee would love to see it done maybe show some idears on paper and have to say it would look a stunner when done
I googled homefill pumps but didnt see any pics of anything radial looking, but certainly post some pictures of your ideas !
ill try, were i work its a no camera zone
I still like the guy that took 2 Cag engines, side by side, and made a piece that locked the 2 cranks together 180 degress apart, so it was like a two cylinder engine. I would love to do that, and then maybe one set behind the other, or a 4 cyld.
EPR do you know where i can see a pic of this man who did that would love to see
It was about 2 years ago on another site, some people were talking about it here. Can't remember if they brought the pics here, or I had to go look somewhere else. If you made a shaft between engines, with the key slots 180 degrees apart, and had a left hand thread on one side and a right hand thread on the other side, and you could tie it together at the center, it might work, and you can keep the left clutch and right flywheel intact.
to me there seems a lot of room to go wrong wont the engines natral go off sink? im probs wrong and well i like the idear iv allways wonted to bild a small v twin engine but when i try pute it in to practice just dusnt work with small engines from scracth
ill figure it out...it would be a brutal go kart engine, good luck pull starting though lol
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