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Sup PBP...

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...good to be hear, Got a pocket bike I've had for 5 years now, never really done anything to it, except paint it. Hope to learn some good stuff here.

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sure you will what u got
Im not to sure, think a "blade"...its a 49cc ...ill post some piks when I get home from work. it used to look like a repsol, I wasnt to hot on that kinda bike, but now i regret painting it :(
...how can you really tell the difference between these pocket bikes? I have a Yamaha r1 and you can tell the difference between a honda and a yamaha..but not these pocket bikes, guess I just have to get more familiar with them, now that I got my garage! :D
Minipocketrockets online has the Blade & Raptor bikes, you might look there cause they give specs on the bike. The Raptor is a Lucky 7 Cag and the Blade has a 15mm Walbro WYK copy carb with a primer bulb on the bottom of the carb.
Its kinda like looking at a different race they all look alike but the ones you know stand out lol
You will notices different frame style or swingarms body's lights and switches from each kind after a while
Just like the big bikes to someone who don't know they all look the same without the decals
here it is...no bulb at the bottom of carb,...any clue to the model?


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Hmm wow don't know for sure maybe a x2 but those front forks need to be turned around if it was me to the wheel is further forward maybe I'm wrong in both aspects here must my opinion
Well its far from being a X2 :rolleyes: Its the cag with the rear shock I believe its the A3 CAG.
Yes, it is some form of a MTA3 Cag w/ rear shock, GSR-R at minipocketrockets.
cool, thanks for the help fellas! now its time to start diving into these threads to make this thing really move!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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