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super brutal cag engine

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ok so i seen one of cam2's super cag motors and i though id have a crack at it, could the dual carb setup be the missing link to beating water cooled bikes? the tuning would be a nightmare. im planning on running a full circle crank, 17:1 compression, lightweight flywheel, 10degree advance, adjustable clutch, zenouh head, 4 pedal reed x2, walbro wt carbX2, custom pipe, has anyone built something like this besides cam2
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you want to build something that will beat any L/C china bike, and even most L/C euro's? get a BZM 50cc AC kit, a sylver plate racing crank, BZM 3 pad carbonium clutch, Zocchi clutch housing, a genuine phgb 19mm Del'orto carb, Polini fiberglass reeds, BZM Junior racing pipe. I've seen this setup in a Stamas Techno frame, freaking monster, comes with the price, and the time and effort you need to get it running at it's prime, but it is and probably will remain the fastest air cooled pocket bike I have seen.

Here's a pic http://img27.xooimage.com/views/8/b/9/100_2995-15a37b0.jpg/
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