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Syxmoto minidirtbike

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Been a while since I logged in to pocket bike planet. I've acquired a few x1 pocket bikes and bicycle motor kits in the last few years and had pretty good luck at making them faster with modding the engines. Port work like polishing the exhaust and port matching along with changing the squish gap and playing with pipe resonance has yielded decent gains. A member who went by cam2 laid the foundation for me and I have completed a handful of good pocketbike upgrades. Recently a buddy gave me a syxmoto 50cc 2 stroke minidirtbike to experiment with. Rebuilt the engine with a big bore kit and fitted a racing carb along with the above port work and brought it back to life. Haven't yet changed out the pipe or worked on the suspension, I wanted to see if anyone else on here has any experience with modding these? Its a fun little bike and any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Btw, cam2 if you are still on this forum, thank you for all the tutelage several years ago.
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That bike is legit you might get a little more power off a pumper carburetor those bikes are not exactly like a CAG there's a certain point where the transmission will start failing once you find the sweet spot you can always detune the engine 馃槒
I'd like to omit the "tranny" all together... it isn't exactly well built. But I haven't yet come up with an easy alternative. The pipe leaves a lot to be desired as well. The engine work and big bore helped immensely but I'd like to get a better expansion chamber exhaust for it and something else for gearing. I did see a transmission box with a set of different size gears included on fleabay...
I understand completely the problem I had is all the other transmissions tend to spin the wrong way.

I welded the nut that holds the clutch Bell to the shaft and that helped hold it together a lot better.
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