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the gpmx3 problem

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so ive rebuilt my big bore engine with the 72. jet now,and started up first pull. now i have the airfilter hp and that works and all but i feel as though im bogging out alittle when i give it gas (runs a perfect tan color like that)but heres my question why when i take off the filter it runs better like i could give straight gas and 0 bogg occurs (but it runs lean )idk ive had this problem before so i figured bigger jet will solve it,it does in 1 way but creates a hole nother problem. rite now i have the stock carb on(and airfiler) wif dual filters but it still ant right i even tapered my neetle and the petcock mod.
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Air filter could be dirty or very restrictive. try going down to a 70, or 68 jet.
yea that could be the reason ima see the difference
well that fixed the problem but now my screws for my head wont screw in i needs longer screws do u kno where i could get them
How long?? Are they M6 allen head / socket head??
yea i need etra longer screws and they gota be just alittle bigger so i would have a secure fit do u kno if i could just go to autozone or the old hardware store i need the screws like mexicos pic http://www.pocketbikeplanet.com/showthread.php?t=60901
hardware store is your best bet, they have hex screws of all kinds usually.
There M6 x 1.0 X how many mm long, you need atleast 80 to 90mm, get 8.8 grade 5 bolts, I like to see 3 or 4 threads out the bottom. I use SS flat and split lockwashers too.
bingo thanks for the help
I take a tapemeasure, mearsure the area where the bolts go add an extra 1/4" for threads out the bottom. Take that length to the store and find a metric M6 that long.
good thinkin
With 90mm long you will have room for washers if you want, my stock set are 80mm long. Might be hard to find at a hardware store. I sometimes have to go to a place that sells metal & bolts for something that long. Same w/ M5 bolts or 40mm long like for the stock Cag carb.
yeah because i cant find dese bolts no were
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