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this a good mini quad?

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good as in good frame? also if anyone is selling a used one like this and is close to Louisiana let me know.
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For $329.00? And I assume shipping, if you really want a quad buy a Giovanni Quad, I recently bought a gio pocket bike brand new f2 /m3 for $160.00 with shipping. The gio quads that are around the price of 329.00 are the ones with the headlights and all that.
It looks ok but not something I would get. I just picked up an independent front suspension frame. Front A-Arms with shocks on both right and left with a single shock for the rear. Im planning to throw in a racing motor from PBU and just beef up the frame with new hardware and maybe weld in some frame support . Good luck with your buy. Pocket quads are hella fun.
can i get a link to the quad you got parm?
I bought a pocket bike along with this
But I bought it when they had free shipping week. It's really amazing. 110cc with headlights but the one your buying doesn't have headlights or a horn.
My 49cc pocket bike can go up to 45km with me on it buy this goes around 49km.
yea im leaning more toward the 4 stroke quads but im not looking for a 4 wheeler like that one, i got a arctic cat 550 already. looking for more of a street one. something like this.. http://www.pocketbikesunlimited.com/images/125-custom-mini-quad.jpg idk tho im pretty sure im just gona build one because no ones selling the one like im looking for.
Got it. That bike looks pretty cool. mine will be for the streets as well but like the shocks for a little smoother ride over the potholes.
no i didnt.
email them and ask... PBU generally has good products.

that thing looks vicious.
found this mini quad online from a website. It dosen't have the actual name of mini quad other than "pocket quad style #3 for $549.99"

Looks pretty cool. it has front headlight,electric start w/back up pull start,corbra s4 suspension & I think it has front & rear hydrolic brakes

thought i'd share the pic. Also would anyone know the real name for this quad. The site that sells this quad are shady on the name of their bikes,quads & mini quads. I'd like to get the name & look somewhere else for this type of quad.


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That's way to much money for a 47cc Quad. I paid $549 for a 125cc ATV 4x2 Quad w/ forward and reverse gear. Seen some on ebay in Canada $200, the had new F1 Cags for $168 free shipping but in Canada, would not hurt to ask shipping to the USA.
See Parms eBay add above, sven99neo on ebay $259.95 for a 110cc 4 stroke Quad
Yeah, you have to shop around, just like the women do,lol. Prices and quality vary so much.
Not sure your going to find one in the states. To my knowledge the last shipment came into the country back in january this year. Should have sold out a long time ago. There were quite a few problems getting the reed engines used in these quads to comply with epa regulations.

derrick, what happened w/ the Quad you were looking for?
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