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Unknown cat eye model.??!!

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I just bought this for $100, only gave me solenoid, regulator, and 3 gauge set. One for gas, one for speed, one for signals. What else do i need for the lights and etc to work???..and CAN SOME PLEASEEEE TELL ME IF THIS IS A CAT EYE OR WHAT MODEL IT IS. Thankss ***ihave the red one**

the bike: http://db.tt/FXaSFblf

Parts/ accessories : http://db.tt/ty4er0c7 http://db.tt/1B5perst
http://db.tt/HaubynHR http://db.tt/O2ZRRvOX
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That red bike isnt a cateye..Its a PH-5b or something like PB-5H/PB-05...They look like cateyes but theyre cateye copycats.......Good Luck finding parts for that exact model...youre gonna have to shimmy and shuffle-in some parts from other bikes.Good Luck with it......
Okayy, if u can find any links or websites that have parts of info i would gladly appreciate it ALOT.
What parts do you need?

Like electric parts cus i dont know what parts i need to get my head/tail lights, blinkers, and 3.gauges to work. One of my gauges is for gas so idk if the wiring is different in a way. Does the electric start have to work in order to run the lights and gauges
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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