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Very Erratic Idle cured !

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I have 7 ATVs/bikes. This 1 70cc CAG has had a very erratic idle. It would start ok, but would rev low, hi, med then off the scale ! I figured it out as the cable where it goes into the top of the carb was loose. Not actually the cap for the piston/slide assembly where it goes into the carb, but the cable goes into a swivel. I marked where the swivel is best suited then glued it securely into place. As the engine ran & vibrated, it made the carb needle move around in the carb throat area. Bravo - works great now & I have regained throttle control. :D
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I have 9 bikes now, you must be busy like me working on all of it,lol.
Yes, its my new Addiction - haha. I work on huge Cat engines but I Love these little 2 strokes, 4s also. Taught myself about plastic repairs. Still experimening with the painting, not bad though. Everyone here teaches me alot !
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