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Very new to this from NY.

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Hey fellows and im sure there are many girls on here also, i have had an intrest in these little bike for a while now, i have been building custom motorcycles for years then health reasons have put a stop to that. I have two grandsons that love anything with an engine, so i picked up a pile of the chiness bikes, one was mostly there and i had a lot of spare parts. My daughter the mother to my grandsons ride a Kawasaki Ninja 250R so i desided to put one of the pocket bike togeighter to match it, this is what i have so far, lettering should be here this week,it runs great and i hope it turns out to look like the Ninja. And while im at it what the h#ll does CAG mean. Sulley

This is my daughters bike.
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Its CAG...Its short for Cagllari Daytona...theres two versions...Half fairing and full fairing...The canadians have Gionanni F1/F2 which are the same type bikes but built better than our crap.......lol

Welcome to the forum and just know that little sucker in its stock form can be modded to deliver more than double its current power plus even more with race porting and such.............Parts can be found on ebay,,BigMotorSport.com and a few other sites

You can check out a thread I constructed on some of my cags and how Im building them up.............Good Luck with your builds

Thanks man, yea i ment CAG but i had a slip of the key. Sulley
Welcome aboard, looks like you got some work to do,lol. Most people here love to mod stuff, plus we have a bunch of different bikes.
Who has center stands for these bikes, the ones you can use to work on them. Sulley
Welcome Sulley, nice little project you got there, I just use jackstands to prop my X19, that works fine for me...good luck with your build
That Cag is looking very clean. Dont dirty it up to much lol

Got the lettering on it, looks OK i think. Sulley

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:thumbsup::thumbsup: Looking good! I trust it runs even better!

Much better, I like the 5 spoke alum wheels.
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