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I hate to say it but the X19 youll be getting isnt an X19 at all if its a brand new one youre getting in January....This is a real X19 below....

What youll be getting really is a 90cc powered remake of the X17.......Its got the same bottomend as a 110cc but will have a smaller piston aswell as a PZ17 or PZ18 carburetor...It will be full of EPA imposed hinderances so be prepared to shell out atleast an extra hundred or two to replace the EPA hinderances with ones that can be adjusted aswell as have proper flow

No matter that they call it an X19 and comes with paperwork saying its an X19 it will still be an X17 to me.....

Best part about the X17 comeback....It gives the owners of naked X17's the opportunity to finally obtain a body for them aswell as the 12" rims and tires....:tango_face_grin:

Good Luck


1 - 3 of 3 Posts