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VIN # for 110cc pocket bikes

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Does any one know if there is a vin on an x7 pocket bike 110cc 4 stroke?really need to know asap.:thumbsup:
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Does any one know if there is a vin on an x7 pocket bike 110cc 4 stroke?really need to know asap.:thumbsup:
I recently learned that I have an x7, there is a number on it on the left side near the rear of the frame down low, I don't know if it is a vin, but it is a set of numbers:confused:
The engine should have a number maybe on the left lower side of the eng.
That's the engine number. Every frame has a number. On a motorcycle them numbers together and a bill of sale, should get it registerd. All 9 of my bikes came with an ownership paper, from China.
If your putting an engine in a different frame. You get your numbers and bill of sale, and go to the DMV, and tell them the owner before lost it. They will give you a form. Can you contact the person you bought it from and they can sign it??
My twin boys jammed my printer w/ paper, but if you could get a real or color copy of someone elses ownership papers, cut white paper pieces to block out the vin number spaces or what ever. Take your copy, fill it in with your numbers and take everything to the DMV.
Since you changed engines you have re-register the bike and get new ownership papers.
I got this 750 Honda 1971, best engine ever 67 hp. These guys put the engine into a new frame, they gave it to me real cheap, its was beautiful like new. I took all the papers it had to the DMV, and had to turn the bike over to Hwy Patrol for inspection, and I did. The guys I got it from thru a friend, said it will register, so I waited. The HP called me 1 week later to come pick up the bike. So, I went, they told me the original bike was never paid off, but since I bought the engine from them and I put it in another frame it was Legal, and I was sweating Bullets. That's what the people I bought it from told me to say. It worked out great.
The moral of the story, the more you say at the DMV, the more you cut your own throat. Better to play it stupid, and let them tell you what to do.
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so how can i get one of those so i can write in my own info any help would be greatly appreciated
Don't think you can reg that bike. It's too small and everything from the tires to speedo are illegal. My 49cc scooter is legal on the side of the road, 25mph or less.
i heard many people say that they registered their x18 and x19.How would they be able to do that?
Lots of leg work and a few hundred dollars to make it legal as in mirrors lights tires.Speedo odometer seat height brakes ECT ECT
You can ride an x7 49cc legally and no tags in the state of v.a the consider it a scooter
You can but there twice as heavy as a Cag or less power. 110cc auto trans is the ticket.
True but anything over 49cc is no longer considered legal othen you.need a motor cycle licence
I'm in California, there real hard nosed here. Maybe it's time to get a Lic.
Can someone please help me ID what bike this is
Pocket bikes don't have VIN numbers ( vehicle identification number ) and are not legal to drive on the street!!!

They do have lot numbers and batch numbers and those numbers mean nothing except to the factories!!!
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