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wanna make an electric x 19

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I dont really know much about electric bikes but iv been wanting to make one so if any one knows of a good kit or which parts i would need to make a decent bike please let me know. prices range of about 400-500.
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They already make an electric X15 which is the same frame as the x19....

yea but i have an x 19, planed on getting a 140cc and making it street legal but i got a ninja 250 from my dad so i figured id make it electric, still go for street legal tho sense that would be cool. idk yet tho. wanted to see what people would suggest as for as a good motor and what the cost of everything would be.
How fast do you the bike to go because if you only want it to go 25mph then you could get a 36 volt 1000 watt motor, a razor mx500 controller and a 5 wire throttle. If you want it to go 40 then you would have get some lipo batteries or get a c80100 brushless outrunner motor and use that. If you go that way then you would have to get a rc airplane esc that can handle 12s(44.4 volts), a servo tester, a 3 wire throttle, and some lipo batteries because lead acid batteries will not be able to put out the current the lipos can.
Want to answer this one but a decent reply will require up to 3 pages. There are so many if's with electrics.

Short answer assuming a tight budget, 175lbs and ~30mph:
Brushed motor 2-4hp
Controller 100-200amps
Lead acid batteries. (hawker/genesis or b&b) hawker batteries can be recharged in minutes.
Try to stay between 24 and 36 volts. Voltage is expensive in coin, space, and weight.

thanks everyone but this was only a thought, decided to stay with gas engines sense i know a little about them and nothing of electric and would like to have a good budget when ever i build my electric bike.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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