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So some of you may have remembered my super old post about the one I got before and painted plastics metallic green.

I traded that for another project that never got finished.

I found another one for $120 and all it needed was a new carburetor. I have a wt-603 on it now and it runs good.

I cleaned the chain, took the motor apart and cleaned some other things too.

I have let it sit for quite some time but I got a few new gopeds (gsr40, gsr46r) and decided to get this running again too.

I am going to paint it again. Probably the same color.

Anyways, I'm looking for some info on the motor and parts I can get for it.

I am familiar with g23lh, g230, g270rc, g430 and gp460 motors. None of these seem to have ANY parts that fit onto it. It's either got a smaller or bigger bolt pattern for everything.

I would love to get a proper stock exhaust can or possibly an exhaust pipe (tuned would be great, for torque/acceleration) as well as some new gaskets all around.

Any help appreciated.



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Welcome back...……..That engine appears to be a 35cc Zenoah based scooter engine but looking at it as a whole with the red case it appears to be a RedMax or even a Shindawa weedeater…Seeings it has a real Walbro carb Im guessing RedMax..Shindawa uses a china copy carb..…Both are Zenoah based too btw..…....

I know you say it runs but judging by the wetness of oil build-up behind the flywheel its gonna need a crank seal there..

I had a similar engine with bigger clutch and e-start on a scooter that was 43cc's with a 40mm piston x 34mm stroke..

One thing that sux on them is how the coil is mounted inside the fancase..

On my 1999 Viza Viper I had a 45cc with HDA 19mm carburetor..

Good Luck with it

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