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what bike do i get the polini gp6 or grc rr help

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right so iv now bean told the grc rr is better then the polini gp6 is this true and can anyone give me a insight in to bouth the bikes and well what to exspect from them and allso i wont 15hp and 40cc can anyone tell me what to go for and also i can get the grc for £1800 GBP and the gp6 for £2000 GBP so anyone now what i should get as i wont a good bike and pawer as well as esay to get parts and bild thanks everyone.
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Is the gp6 50cc? There both good bikes, which one you like is the one you buy.
Buy em both,,ride em both,,pick one,,sell one...........
Theres a GRC for sale on here for like 750 bucks... nab that, then get a used polini.... then do what cam said....
I'd pay $750 for it in a minute, I have more than that in my C1 and 300hrs of Labor.
I'd pay $750 for it in a minute, I have more than that in my C1 and 300hrs of Labor.
Yep... They're pretty crazy bikes too... They lead the pack in the Grand Prix de Mini Motos du Québec and Ontario Mini Moto Grand Prix, my local racing clubs.

The only thing Ive come across faster than a L/c 6 port BZM GRC is a GP Phantom, and there are only 2 or 3 in eastern canada.
well iv bean told that the polinis have loads of probs and the grc is a better bike and there 40cc and what type of engines are in the grc rr and also its a midi right dose that mean i can still race it
take a look at my new thred and see the pics of the bike done the only thing iv got todo is get hold of woodruff keys as it didnt come with any and also nuts for clutch and starter side any idears how to get woodruff keys in? fit them i mean.
Hardware stores have them keys, in the USA there .093" and 1/8", the first fits a B1, C1, Polini the second a Cag. Might have to file alittle off the bottom to fit the slot, on a Cag engine for sure.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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