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what bike do i get?

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iv desided to go for a real bike well im looking at the gp5 and a gp6 polini and the blata ultima but i also dont know what to get in cc wise as i dont know whats best 50cc or 39 cc some one give there 2 cents?
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depends on your weight and height... I'm 5'11 145 lbs and ran a Blata Elite 13 WRS with a 50cc 6 port LC BZM kit, the frame is shorter and lighter, it handles better than the larger bikes, and the 50cc BZM engine delivers the same amount if not more than any of the bigger euro models.

also, the bank you are willing to spend is a big factor... These euro LC bikes can run you up a nice bill if you dont treat/maintain them properly. They are very sensitive machines, but with the right tools and know how, they can deliver more power than any china bike.
My 39.5mm 50cc C1 is really 46cc, and then there's the 39cc 37mm bore, or 7cc bigger. PBU has a 37mm, 39cc Flat top piston kit 15:1 I believe for $62 or so, would make that thing scream.
well im 5.11 and im about 11 kg and well i will look arfter and buy all the right tools and mantain them but i really dont know what to get iv got a gp3 rep but like i said i wont a real one but i have about 5000 to spend but really only wonted to spend 3000 max and the rest on tools and also parts as a back up i like to have them in as just in case also can you guys send me links of bikes you think would be good and so the 50cc open class is what ill go for then ? and well im in the uk a place calld norfolk so anything i buy ill have to have shiped or so on i wos looking at the new blata ultima with the nice swing arm very long but what are thay like and what engines have thay got and will thay be as much truble as my gp3 lol
OK 3000 dollars is quite alot to work with.... you can probably pick up both a blata and polini for that much, with many spare partied say start shoping....

List of european pocket bike brands:

GM Phantom

My favorite bikes are GRC RR, Stamas Techno with 50cc 5 port A/C kit, and a blata elite 13 with a BZM 50cc 6 port.

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cant evan get a blata i wos looking at the ultima w50 and well the uk blata website got back to me to tell me thay dont sell the blata bikes anymore *** so ill be going for a polini lol i think and the othere bikes i looked at you said abolut didnt really look that nice and well all the talk i herd about the bzm engines well thay dont look that good but i might be wrong im all thinking about when i get the bike how esay will it be to get parts thats all
Go for the Gold. Just find something you like.
Go for the Gold. Just find something you like.
amen to that. It really doesent make a difference, aslong as you have spare parts available...

p.s.: I don't know what leads you to think badly about BZM head kits/engines, Both my fastest bikes had them. Properly assembled, they are a force to be reckoned with.
you dont like GRC RR? thats probably the one bike that lightly moded will keep up with a good Blata or Polini build.


nicest stamas BZM L/C 50cc I've seen.
right i will say im sorry as i did speek to hasty and will edmit when im worng OMG I WONT THAT BIKE thats the best looking bike i have seen w*f its amazing i wont that one hahaha i wont to make mine look like that hahaha what is it? and also whats bean done to it apart from everything hahaha
Thats a Stamas with a 16 HP 50cc L/C BZM rebuild, highly modded. Even the A/C Stamas models are faster stock than moded l/c china bikes, and can be modded aswell. They come stock with a polini engine, which is cool aswell, and can be modded relatively easily.
Unless these bikes are already in the US you may have trouble importing any of them. To bring a brand new Ultima into the country you'll need more then $5000.00
im in the uk and well the uk blata guy says he hasnt had any bikes in a long time but arfter looking at them well i would love one but im thinking to go for the new gp6 polini as thay seem fast well the fastist accelerating bike
Yeah a GP6 will be very fast.
okay cool the polini guy said go for that insted of the gp5 as its got the same engine as my gp3 and well he said to much goes wrong witch is what iv got now haha full engine rebild and its taken a mounth as didnt have all the right tools still wont be done till parts come in a week haha grrrrr
I can help.

I spoke with a Blata Dealer in Minneapolis, MN just last week. He has a good relationship with the importer down in FL.

There is ONE new-in-the-box Blata Elite in the US according to him. $5500 delivered.

Hope this helps.

im in the uk and i wonted to get a blata ultima w40 but ill be going for a polini as arfter talking to the guys in italy theres no one in the uk who inports so polini it is
Most of the Euro bikes are good quality.
Have you looked in the UK for any used bikes. You just may get a good deal on a very nice bike. The 50cc polini's are real monsters of a motor. Mine is a 2-wheeled unicycle and will jump out of know where and slap you when given the chance and they look for the chance. I suggest you start with a 39cc unless your a skilled rider already. They are race motors and not a toys.
iv got a gp3 rep 39cc and its so fast amazing in fact im doing a rebild and puteing all polini parts in it and then see how much better she goes but i really would like to get a real polini but a gp6 and i wont to get new then i have no problams as the polini dealer gives a garantee also i would get a 50cc but theres not meany races here for 50cc but 40cc yes so iv bean told
PBU has a 39cc Flat Top piston kit for $62 or so. Even $40 postage it would still be a Good Deal. Think StrayDawg has a kit.
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