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The United States Pocketbike Racing Association was created by the founders of Pocketbike Planet (Jay Wandalowski and Robert Basil) to help bring together the major importers and race officials to try and work on a standardized set of rules for Pocketbike racing in the U.S.

The USPBRA was NOT created to run any races but is only here to help so that Pocketbike racers can travel from state to state and club to club and have a base set of class rules to follow.

I know this is no easy task, and I don't expect anything to happen overnight. I also don't expect all of the local clubs to follow our rules 100% but lets face the truth, unless WE work together a national set of rules will never happen, so let's stop TALKING about it and start DOING it. Now we have a private place where we can work together and get some type of work done without the distraction of a public discussion (and arguments). Not that our work will remain private, but at least this way we can all work together on a basic set of rules to follow and go public afterwards.

All members will have a voice. EVERYTHING will be voted on before anything is made public.

For our founding members we would like to welcome:

Robert Basil from Pocketbike Planet
Tom Branson from Capitol USA Minimoto
Mike from Midsouth Minimoto
Chuck Shorie from the USMGP
Ted from TnT Minimoto
Jay Wandalowski from Pocketbike Planet
??? from Midsouth Minimoto (Mike, please suggest someone to join you on the committee)

In the future we should probably invite some of the race directors from the larger clubs, but I think we should keep the group smaller for now.

I know we can do this if we all work together!

Thank you!
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