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what model mid bike is this

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its 110cc 4 speed auto thort maybe x18 but carnt find pics ove it anywhere and what it whorth to sell .tar


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Yep ...its an X22...AKA:deathtrap X bike.........
r thay not a good bike ? and what r thay worth
um well there automatic = undesireable
unsafe = undesireable
rims break = undesireable
reasets/rearframe break = undesireable
rear swingarms crack/break = undesireable
fork/headset/kneck way to steep of a angle = undesireable
lmao they are no good for anything anyone would want to do with them
so that said i would say if its in great condition you may be able to ask what ever you want lol its worth as much as someone will pay

even tho they are that bad i do still want one because it is the only one i have never had and people think they are gold for some reason even tho they are by far the worst x bike in most peoples eyes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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