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What size chain?

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I have MT A1 half fairing cag with a 40mm 43cc engine, I don't have the chain for it and was wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of the chain I need to order. There is so many with different link sizes and everything I'm not sure which one to order. Thank you for any help.
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Your best bet is either buying the longest #25 chain and getting a couple masterlinks and sizing the chain for the bike.......

I have 6 cags and 4 out of 6 cags had different length chains before i remodeled them and now 3 pairs have different length chains....Gearing and frame type have alot to do with it on a stock bike....

Its more economical to buy a 10ft roll and a few masterlinks this way you have extra chain..

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Thank you for the reply. I will go ahead and get the long chain and some master links.
All mine are different lengths also, so long and cut it is the ticket.
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