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what to replace

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Ok so i decided to let my son who is 14 ride my pocketbike when i wasnt home. well i took the electric starter off and all but didnt put the starter pawl back on because i started it with a drill. ok so i went to work and came home and he snapped the shaft where the starter pawl goes what do i need to replace?????
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Go to PB Parts in florida, look under X7 bikes, they have that shaft. I just took an electric start off my 49cc scooter. I took that shaft off and the alum housing off too and modded a starter paw, by tapering the back side to move it in father on the crankshaft end so the starter cover would fit. Get a GS Moon starter cover w/ the wires that catch the paw and metal backing plate and or paw to match, there are 2 kinds, they have a phone you can order there and get the right parts.
See the before and after photos.


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Ahh the trials and tribulations of trying to johnny rig chinese crap.......If the e-starter couldnt be jumped direct through a car battery or 18v lith ion battery I would of removed the e-starter,,bought a pullstarter,shim,pawl and waited for them to arrive,,,installed them and been done with the situation,,,,,,Now you may end up having to buy a crank..........cant tell for sure on the straight-up fix without pix.....

Hey EPR...That piston ported engine on the left has the clutch pads installed backwards........
I think I just thru the clutch on for the photo, that's the chopped cylinder w/ the red Cag alloy head. Its in a box, I will have to look at it before I put it back on the engine stand. It's easy to put it on backwards. That's why I like the cags the clutch is tapered,lol.
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