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Ok guys thought I would make this thread to see where everybody is at.Its more of a fun thing then anything but im sure alot of people will take a look and have there question answered instead of making a new thread on fast a bike goes before they buy.Ill start first with a template of info that is needed.

Here is what I think is important info to put that determine the top speed

Pocket Bike brand/model?
Top speed?
Gas/oil mix and octane?
Rider height and weight?
Up hill/down hill/flat road?
Tires threaded/slick?
Location due to sea level and stuff?

Ill go first
X7 pocketbike
Top speed-27mph
Bone stock
40:1/93 octane
6ft 280lbs
Flat surface
Threaded tires
florida 80 degress

Some added info,My nephew is 115lbs and is 5' 3'' and he only went 32mph thats only 5 miles faster and 165lbs difference.My oldest Nephew is 6' 1'' and 150 and went 29mph.Whats up with that??

C'mon guys lets get this thread jumping
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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