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will this coil work

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Yeah the coil and CDI combo will work........
Hey one more question for now. My intake manifold is the small 90 degree 55mm height by 20mm intake and the breather hose is sitting against the cylinder head, cause the hose to melt. Can I use the bigger 110mm heigth by 22mm intake, intake manifold? Does the 2mm difference going to matter on the intake?
Thats a really good deal on a CDI and HP Coil, if you didn't get it yet I would do it Now. I just order a set for my 110cc dirt bike, thanks for posting the ad. I just put that setup on my 125cc ATV today, and cleaned the pilot jet of the new 25mm carb on a 26mm manifold. Starts easier, revs higher. A 20mm carb on a 50cc should be more than enough carb. Think they come with a 16mm stock.
The manifold will work if you have room above the carb. Might help to round the edges where you have a shelf in a different size carb and manf.
Thanks the only hold back on the cdi and coil is its going to take like 2-3weeks to come in. It's coming from china. The carb has about 4-5 inches of clearance.
I live in California, and I just got 2 packages 1 week apart, direct from China, 7 days and 8 days from the day I ordered. I have seen the CDI for $40 and the coil for $25 or $30 at other stores. Probably 10 days to you, air mail, China Post, the only way it takes longer if Customs in the USA holds it up. There not going to waste there time on a small package.
After looking at my carb it's a pz19 and you can order the carb with the intake and the intake is a 26mm I thought it was a 20mm. So if that's the case I'll be shortening the intake by 4mm, it should still work right?
Which way does it face?? Front you have to clear the valve adj cap. I had to take mine off the 25mm to get the float bowl off. If it faces rear and you have an upper starter, that gets in the way.
i got a bottom mount starter and the carb faces the rear. and the distance between the cylinder and to of bike is about 7" maybe 8". i have plenty of room to fit the 110mm intake (height), but if they sell the pz19 carb with a intake manifold thats a 26mm and a 24mm, the intake i want should work being a 22mm.
A 22mm carb is .080" dia. bigger than a 19mm. The stock manifold for a PZ19 is 20mm & is only .040" smaller than the 19mm carb, round the edge of the top intake hole where the carb mounts so air flows over it easily. I have to mod new parts all the time to make them to work right.
So would the 22mm intake work fine being the intake would be bigger than the carb? The mounting screws are the same
Or can I just use another intake gasket wher the intake connects to the cylinder head I just need It a bit higher so the overflow hose isn't sitting on the cylinder head
On my 125cc ATV, my over flow lays on the cyld, but they put a spring on it, so it don't touch, works great.
maybe ill try that, or im thinking maybe some aluminum heater/air duct tape on the hose, the tape works wonders when I used it as a heat shield on my 49cc cag, the exhaust pipe was maybe 1/4 inch from the gas tank,
I would not change the manifold unless I had to. Just insulate the tubing.
Okay thanks I'll just do that
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