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wiring and sWitches

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have an MTA2 I removed the ignition switch. Now what wires connect where?
Need help with wires looks like previous owner(s) did something? Lots of eletrical tape holding the wires together was messy took it all off. Want to clean it up and do it right.

Need to keep it simple :)

Here is what I have

1. I have what I think is a kill button on the left handle bar. Think it connects directly to the small wire comming out of the spark plug?

2. There is another button on the bottom of the throttle is that a kill switch? Not sure where to connect the two wires one black, one red?

3. Eletronic Start plug or charge plug has 3 post on the back end but only 2 wires is that OK? if So where do they connect?

4. between the battery and engine there connection block, don't know what it called but assuming its to charge battery there are 2 small wires comming out of them one is a green/red (thinking ground) and one is white/red (thinking to battery)?

Sorry lots of newbie questions....
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Use the red killbutton with the single wire............

Remove the pullstarter

coming off the coil will be a single male connection tab...connect the wire from the killbutton to this wire............Youll now have a killswitch

to hook the other button up instead you hook the red to the coil tab and black wire to the frame ground or engine screw ground.......Good Luck

that take care of 1. kill switch. Is the other button a stater or just a secondary kill switch?

How will I start without the pull starter?

3. How do I hook up the charge plug?

4. Do I need to hook up the wires on the starter sillnode?
If you have an MT-A2 full fairing Cag then you dont have an electric starter...............Post up pics of the bike you have ...you can start a free photobucket account and post them direct

MT_A2 cag missing lower half..............

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I miss spoke its a charger port. Circular plug that is monted on the hole in the front on the right side. I have the AC adpter that plugs into the wall.


figure out where to connect the wires do they go directly to battery?

does your have a battery? My frame looks differant
That's an MTA2 full fairing Cag, there is no battery. The flywheel has magnets and a coil is mounted over it, with a small wire for a key or kill button and a big wire to the spark plug. The kill/key grounds the coil and the engine stops.
I hear what you guys are saying but what I'm seeing is differant.

Battery and holder w/ charger port on the right

ele. Starter and silonode

All looks like it came with the bike.

So if not a MTA2 then what do you think it is?

Cam2 found one of your old post see how to hook up a the starter button..
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Nice show dude...You do have an MT-A2 its got the e-starter at the clutch housing conversion engine they put on the miniquads...........Sweet although it robs a lil hp..........

You can use this diagram to hook up the starter.....The trip wire gets wired-in hot and the button completes the ground to trip the soleoid.............

Then youll need to work out the charging system because the starter becomes an alternator once the engines spinning to recharge the battery

Grab the 4 pin rectifier with wiring

On the starter wire side of the solenoid you need to put the red wire with loop...This is how the power gets back to the battery by being input into the rectifier when the starter becomes an alternator

The two black wires get grounded to the engine and frame

The yelow wire goes to the keyswitch on one side..its most likely an orange wire

The other side of the keyswitch gets the battery with fuse again its most likely an orange colored wire

Then theres a green and black wire on the keyswitch...theyre killswitch wires....green gets grounded to the frame and the black with white stripe to the keyswitch and also tied into the killbutton on the handlebars...
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Thanks Cam2.. will be giving it sometime this weekend Hopefully..
Wow, you threw me on that one, I have seen that kit, $75 or so and $50 for a battery and on & on.
never seen that one, cool! didn't know they made an e-start for the reed engines. any idea what mini quad they came on?

never seen that one, cool! didn't know they made an e-start for the reed engines. any idea what mini quad they came on?

BAHAHA! thanks CAM2!

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