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Wiring HELP!!

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I recently found out that i bought $100 cat eye replica kind of. I neeeeeddd help on wiring it up. The guy i bought it from left me with a solenoid, battery, 3 gauges for gas, speed, and signals, a regulator, and some purple box. And than all the electric wires running from the head and tail lights, and wires from key start, and 2 black and red wires from vharge port. What else do i need to get all electrical working. It has electric start butbi dont see the coil running from the side of engine for it.i have the red one. HELP will be APPRECIATED.

SOME QUICK PICS: http://db.tt/kRXasutx http://db.tt/jgQ9lyfV http://db.tt/PC0xRLTS http://db.tt/qK9gwQR7 http://db.tt/vdBkDhXL http://db.tt/DUZN6ITK
http://db.tt/T1k8if3o http://db.tt/FXaSFblf
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Strip all the wiring and crap and simply start it up like a weedeater engine...all that wiring and stuff is pure crap and very problematic....Fun shouldnt be always working on them>>>Riding them should be...........:D
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