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Re: Control module hook up

Its a voltage regulator/rectifier box.....It hooks to the two terminals on the starter solenoid and grounds to the frame....

The red hooks to the battery positive wire side of the starter solenoid,,,

The black goes to the frame ground

The grey goes to the side of the starter solenoid that goes to the e-starter/generator combo........

If it fails to work you can buy and wire-in the 4 wire rectifier that has a voltage dump wire............

The other thing you described is the starter solenoid...

Good Luck
my got the 3 wires but not same as what on the post so my is red, yellow, and 2 wire that are black and white can anyone give me the diagram for the pocke49cc cat eyes fs509 cuz i havig hard time get it to work and i endup burn up my coil pack from doing that .
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