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Would this fit?

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So I am going to get a 22mm mikuni carb to replace my stock one. Since this is larger than the stock one, I think I will need a new air filter because the one I have now is in a tight fit (squished around). I saw this one and thought it would work because it points straight down and there is more room there. Would this fit? Thanks!

(Link to the air filter)
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I know it sucks having to wait for something but I would wait till you see how the carb is going to be positioned first then order the filter you know is going to work
Well I don't really KNOW what filter will work even if I wait. Will 35mm fit around the carb? Please just answer yes or no. Thanks!
I don't remember the diameter and once you get the carb you can measure that and what I mean by wait until you get the carb I mean wait until its mounted I the bike and then you can see if you will need a pod air filter a 90 degree air filter ECT depending on how you end up mounting it
Okay thanks! But how do I measure the carb? I think it was 22/36 mm right?
i like the uni foam filters cuz when i turn right it mooshes it some but its ok like that, the 'hard' filters arent so forgiving
back in the day i ran a piece of radiator hose from the carb to the filter
Well does anybody have any idea of what filter that would fit the carb? Please ANY link would be much appreciated. And I looked on tboltusa.com and they have a bunch of uni air filters. Which one should I get?
BTW I have the 45 degree foam air filter from SP4L and it can be mushed and pushed to fit. Would it work? I don't really care anymore about squishing it.

(Link to my air filter, one in the bottom row)

I'll c if I can take a measurement of mine later today its just downporing right now or call or email Vince at tbolt USA let him know your are going to purchase a 22mm Mikuni but want a filter also and ask what size it takes
My 22mm China carb has a 38mm front piece. I stretched a 35mm over it off a 19mm stock dirt bike air filter, which is 35mm I believe.
i got the carb, manifold and filter as a set the first time cuz i wanted all the id's the same
Well I think my air filter is 38mm so I guess I will try it and if it doesn't work I'll find something.
It helps to put the rubber end in hot water and then put it on the carb.
Alright EPR, thanks for the advice!
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