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x-1 project

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im took a x-1 frame junked the motor and got a 110cc manual motor to put on it, i already know i cant just do a simple engine swap so i would like as much advice as possible thanks you
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Don't know about that one but if you change the front I've been looking for a set of clip ons for a while now LOL
Does the motor just fit right into those in sure you need to remove the old mounts and weld in some new ones correct??
Re: x-1 project 110cc motor

there arent even mounts really the only motor just sat in there
Lol nice plenty of room to make your own then right
or you can try and find a x6/x8 4stroke chcassis....That would make life a whole lot easier for sure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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