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X-12 Project - What the F did I get myself into?

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Hey everyone, I did a Forum search on X-12 and nothing came up. Then I did a Google search for "X12 pocket bike planet" and a few matches came up, but not a whole lot of anything useful. Is this X model some kind of rarity?

Here we go, gents. I bought this bike off of some tween for 200 bucks. When I brought it home I felt sort of embarrassed for paying that much for it in its dilapidated state. But the engine starts after a couple kicks, runs smooth, and the oil is clean. Perfect project bike.

So, here's the plan. I want to do this in three main stages, because three is a good number. There are many parts missing, and I'd like to have a manual instead of a semi. First order of business, then, is to convert it to manual and have it ride comfortably. Second stage will be to add lights, speedo, and other electricals. Third stage will be cosmetic; primer, paint, clear-coat and anything else that will make it bling.

Stage 1 - Mechanical

-New transmission (I'm assuming it comes with clutch plate)
-Adjustable shifter and clutch assembly
-Rear brake; convert from hand brake to foot brake
-Foot pegs (Haha I've been setting my feet on the mounts)
-Engine mount bolts
-Gas cap
-Gasket set

Stage 2 - Electricals

-Electric start and/or ignition (don't quite know the difference)
-Rear turn signals (fronts already wired)
-Headlights and front blinkers
-Brake light

Stage 3 - Bling

-Fix and bondo cracked fairings
-Bang-bang the frame to straighten it out
-Paint job
-Ducati sticker

I'll add more to the list as I become more learned from you guys and my own wrenchin'. I will need the most help with the transmission conversion, so any info on that will be extremely helpful. If you guys have any spare parts for me, feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]. Don't worry, I'll pay you!

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Well for a manual trans you will need a manual motor because the trans is the motor look on the for sale section for any x15/18/19 motors for sale as for reg replacement parts pocketbikeparts is best for that
Thanks for the info, that's a **** shame because the engine runs nice. Any way I could get this moved to the Mid-bike forum? My bad, mods.
You can also post in the air cooled section too.
Mods, please close. Sorry for the trouble.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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