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X-12 Project - What the F did I get myself into?

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Here we go, gents. I bought this bike off of some tween for 200 bucks. When I brought it home I felt sort of embarrassed for paying that much for it in its dilapidated state. But the engine starts after a couple kicks, runs smooth, and the oil is clean. Perfect project bike.

So, here's the plan. I want to do this in three main stages, because three is a good number. There are many parts missing, and I'd like to have a manual instead of a semi. First order of business, then, is to convert it to manual and have it ride comfortably. Second stage will be to add lights, speedo, and other electricals. Third stage will be cosmetic; primer, paint, clear-coat and anything else that will make it bling.

Stage 1 - Mechanical

-Engine swap
-Adjustable shifter and clutch assembly
-Rear brake; convert from hand brake to foot brake
-Foot pegs (Haha I've been setting my feet on the mounts)
-Engine mount bolts
-Gas cap
-Gasket set

Stage 2 - Electricals

-Electric start and/or ignition (don't quite know the difference)
-Rear turn signals (fronts already wired)
-Headlights and front blinkers
-Brake light

Stage 3 - Bling

-Fix and bondo cracked fairings
-Bang-bang the frame to straighten it out
-Paint job
-Ducati sticker

I'll add more to the list as I become more learned from you guys and my own wrenchin'. I will need the most help with the transmission conversion, so any info on that will be extremely helpful. If you guys have any spare parts for me, be it lights, bulbs, bolts, or pegs, feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]. Don't worry, I'll pay ya!

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The auto and manual trans are not interchangable, the engine cases are different.
Thanks, EPR. I will edit my list and put my engine up in the classifieds.
EPR, got your PM, thanks.


Who'd a thunk it?

During work, I randomly searched Craigslist on my phone for "pocket bikes" and found a fate-worthy post. Dude basically had a rolling frame minus the wheels. All for the low, low price of $80.

It's an X-18 and has the speedo, ignition, keys, basically everything I need. And it is a manual. So now I have two frames and two engines.

I know most of you are going to say "just build up that X-18!" Nay I say to thee, I will build myself a custom X-12. At this point, I think I will just hold onto my semi and build up a second pocket bike.

Pics are soon to follow.
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Sounds good, your the boss, build what you want.
Manual motor.

Semi-auto piston looks caked as F.

X-18 frame next to my semi.

So here's the deal. The dude told me that he couldn't get the timing right. I checked, double checked, and even had a buddy take a look at it. Timing was perfect. However, the rocker arm was flailing all over the place. Did a valve adjustment so that I could feel the friction at .051 and tightened her down.

I noticed, though, that the rocker arm sits on the valve spring kinda funny. Is this normal? I tried the rocker from my semi-auto with the same result. Is it possible that the valve spring is messed up?

Now I just need to put it together and see if she'll start up. Do I need to put the chain on to test it, or can I just mount to the frame and kick start it?
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You can kick start it no problem. Is the valve stem bent, is my question? If the other eng rocker sits the same, it must be some kind of problem. If the rocker is spring loaded on the shaft from the side, you might want to put spacers on to move it over on top the stem. You can get big SS washers at the hardware store,etc. The top of the piston looks like normal carbon build up.
I noticed, though, that the rocker arm sits on the valve spring kinda funny. Is this normal?
Yeah it's called Chinese tolerances, it's like there quality control.
I don't believe it is spring loaded on the shaft (cam?). I won't worry about that right now. I have it mounted on the X-18 frame for now so I can see if it'll turn over.

I'm gonna be blunt with you guys, I have no idea how to wire this bad boy back together. What is the bare minimum that I need to connect to test the waters? The only "killswitch" I have is the ignition.
I got some that might help you the 3rd one is in German.


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EPR, you're the ****in bomb.
I like that 3rd schematic in German. Never seen anything like that ! It is cool. I might print it off somehow & put it up in the shop.
The middle one is bare wiring, no crap, no battery, my favorite,lol. The 3rd is w/ battery but no lights and stuff, for like a dirt bike. The first one is a full X18 wiring dia. I follow one wire at a time, like fom the CDI, where do the wires go, where do they get power??
So I have the X-12 head on the manual motor, for some reason the carb didn't want to fit on the original. I just wanted to make sure I set the timing right.

While the head was off, I spun the crankshaft til the piston was at Top Dead Center. I then took the head, still apart from the engine, and spun the cam counter clockwise so that it wasn't in between lobes (I had the bolts still in and used the leverage of a screw driver). I removed the bolts. I proceeded to install the head, aligned the cam so that the screw holes lined up, and popped in the timing chain sprocket with the circle in the correct spot.

Am I right, or did I miss something?
You won't know for sure till you try to start it.
I'm such a ****in newb. I have no clue how to connect the spark plug wire (no reference in the middle diagram.) Does it connect to the cdi or the engine?

When it comes to mechanicals I hold my own, but wiring is another story. Sorry if I'm newbin it up, but I'm bored of watching it. I wanna ride!
If i understand your question correctly it is connected to the coil. Should be a threaded rod sticking out on one side of the laminated part.

Or to elaborate a bit the coil to spark plug wire is a thick black wire that goes from the spark plug to coil
There should be two wires to the coil for it to work from the motor wiring one spade connector black to the coil and one green to the coil bolt to the frame hope that helps
Thanks SD and Dragon. I think I may have some different connections. No spade from the spark plug wire.

Spark plug wire and coil? (X-12):

Close up of connection from spark plug wire (X-12):

CDI and Black and yellow/green (X-18):

Am I gonna have to do some slicing and dicing?
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Or should I just use the old wiring harness/CDI?

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