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x 22 frame pic?

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does anyone have one, i might be buying one and i cant find a good frame pic anywhere
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thanks cam, think a x 22 is worth 140 bucks?
Runs and drives I'd say def yup
thanks cam, think a x 22 is worth 140 bucks?
Like DP said if it runs and drives it is...The X22 is an overrated bike IMO.....Good Luck
he says it runs just need a battery, cracked plastic tho and the only pic he sent is an extremely bad pic.. gota take a 10 hour drive to get it but its cool.. my gf loves taking road trips.


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looks like he cares for it real well by the pics lol he could have at least showed some care by standing it up at least
trust me bring a battery or at least some jump pack or something to make sure it runs noting like a 10hr trip for a waste when you get back right
altho id still buy it lol looking for one of those for 3 years now but i wont pay over 400 even that i think is too much 250 would b ideal but in my area the autos go for more than the standards for some reason
for real right.. and yea i was gona bring my x 19 battery. if it doesnt run right id pry still get it just to have another project. im either getting the 22 or an x 18 if this guy gets back to me before 8 tomorrow night. rather get the x 18 because it looks nice and runs but eah.. the bigger the project the better.
In all reality I would go for a x15/18/19 rather than a 22 lot better handling and mods for them frame wise the 22 has a bad rake angle of the headset or forks so handling is no good along with the cool wheels the break real easy as well but I do think they look the best of em all but for a long term project I go with what I said I just want one so when I have someone by that does not know how to shift I can start them on that one plus the wify has been bugging me for a auto lol and I don't want another 19 or convert one of my 15s
yea i know the x 22 isnt the best, kinda the same story tho, my gf wants a mini bike now that iv been messing with mine for some long and she doesnt know how to ride a motorcycle either.
They make x19's in full auto aswell but you may wanna opt for semi-auto 4 speed........one thing thats good about having two bikes the same is the parts are interchangeable on most things and youll only need to know one bike basically............

The x22 isnt the greatest bike with aftermarket or replacement parts either...Theres really a super thin selection of parts...........

If you love your g/f then get her a slightly better quality chinese bike and dont trust her safety to crappy-crap.....No matter how badly my girl wanted to ride my X22's I simply wouldnt allow it and gave her the X-15 street cruiser to ride everytime she asked.Shes no stranger to bikes and has a sister who had X15 full manual shift bike she used to ride..She cruises with me as much as she can when I take out some of my streetlegal dirtbikes...Good Luck

Even scooters like these are pretty peppy and girls like to ride em..............This ones 150cc and simply a twist n go model...street legal and easy to insure too......

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yea i was thinking the same thing about them. im trying to find an x 15,18, or 19 for sale thats within about 10 hours of me sense were gona go get a bike tonight/tomorrow.. just back and forth between bikes in florda and texas. cant find any in louisiana or mississippi. oh and i still got an auto 110 that came out of my x 19 so i dont really care which one it it.
found an x 15, gona get it tomorrow :)
found an x 15, gona get it tomorrow :)
Nice.......Good Luck and I hope its worth getting/buying........
Ya def good luck lately all I'm finding is beat to ish midbikes for 400+ man what are some people thinking
Just picked up the x 15, its pretty beat up and doesn't run but the things covered in spider webs so I'd guess it wouldn't.. Not to bad for 100 bucks tho. Ill post some pics later.
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