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X1 Help!

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I tried to search but didnt find much similar to this...

So I recently bought a X1 (49cc) from a guy from craigslist. At first it worked fine, but after a week or so of riding I cant idle the bike anymore, it just dies out. On top of that, after it dies out it wont start (if it does it takes about 15 pulls) and I have to let it sit for a good 10 minutes. Are these because of a dirty carburetor. If so how do I clean it? Or engine flooding? Im thinking if i cant fix it im just going to bring it to a shop but I'd rather save the dough. A neighbor was telling me there is a pump that you have to pump about 7 times to get it going but im not sure.
Oh, the electric stuff doesnt work if that matters.
Any suggestions :/

Completely irrelevant but whats the fastest cheapest way to get this thing to go faster. Its toping out at about 30 and I would like it to go faster.
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Have you tried turning in the idle screw on top of the carb., or the high speed jet, spring loaded screw on the side of the carb.
X1/X2 and Mini Harley were notorious for bad coils. They would start and run fine for a few minutes and then just cut out and not start again until they had cooled off. If this is what yours is doing then you might try replacing the coil.

Sounds like Hugh hit the nail on the head, coil would be my second choice. I bought new coils that did not work right. So run it tell it dies and then check for a spark while the coil is still Hot.
Theres ways to make them more powerful and faster....It depends on your skills and tools aswell as some good old cabbage............Theres plenty of threads on the subject here on PBP if you use the search function..
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