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X1 issues

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I have an X1 that i recently put a new carb on and it idles too high ive tried messing with the adjusting screw and dont know what else to do
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You might have an intake manifold leak, in which air is getting in behind the carb and pull ing gas thru and it can make it run ruff and high idle.
Ok i think i might need to get gasket material n make a new one that is thicker than stock
Oh and thanks for the help.
With it running spray starter fluid or WD-40 on the manifold & carb where they meet. If it speeds up you have a leak. The leak will suck that into the engine just like gas. Maybe your carb is not working right, it has a fuel pump inside that pumps gas out of the gas tank to the carb and the clear return line to the tank. What happens when your car fuel pump goes bad, it don't want to Go , but will idle.
I havent had much luck with the cut your own gasket material on the carbs or intake manifolds.. They seem to vibrate too much and rip up too quick. After one or two rides you get a new air leak.. I'd find somewhere with good gaskets.. If you can't wait for the mail try a lawnmower repair shop in your area.. They usually have one close that you can modify or add a pulse hole to.. Now sure if you are familiar with trouble shooting or know these carbs but it could also be that your throttle cable is too tight.. I'd follow EPR's lead and look for an air leak first...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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