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x15 estart problem

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Hey guys.

I put lights on my bike so far. i got a tailight connected directly to the battery with a switch and brake lights connected to the rear brake. I got a new bigger 9 amp battery from battery plus. I checked the starter solenoid and the power and ground are perfect. The fuse is fine. But the bike will not estart. And my kicker broke off because the groves on the bike are stripped.

So how can i get my bike to start? I used a test light to check the wire from my button but its not getting either power nor ground from the other end. And i also checked the other end where the button wire connects to and it is only getting ground, no power, atleast i cant find one. The estart does not even click or anything. and before it did. So what can be the problem? How can i fix this?

Helppp mee drgnprelude lol
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ok if you have a key switch then the ground should go from the battery - to the key switch then to one side of the starter button then the other side of the starter button to one side of the solenoid same side of the solenoid that goes to the starter
the other side of the solenoid should be power from the battery to the solenoid thick wire and also small wire same side two terminals so solenoid has 4 terminals all together
hope this helps if not lemme know
but def look for some diagrams and trace all wires and make sure the motor is grounded to the frame use a test light connected to the power side and touch the motor and frame to see if its grounded good
Where can i find the diagrams for all this??
Where can i find the diagrams for all this??
I remove my wiring harnesses from my superbikes,,unwrap them and de-chinese them by seperating them into 3 seperate operating systems and 1 seperate lighting system all protected by 10amp fuses............Then I add a fuse protected wire for a Battery Tender trickle storage charger to the battery for the new charging port...........

Its the best way to de-chinese the bike and will give ya better insight into the inner workings of your bike.........All this can be done with a digital multimeter,, soldering iron,,electrical tape ,, a few 25ft rolls of diff colored primary wire,,crimp-on bullet connectors and some shrink sleeve tubing...Make a wiring diagram on paper in a marble composition book page by page system by system and keep good notes and it will become your service manual.......Good Luck..
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Thanks hopefully I can get it started
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