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x15 not running

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Hey everyone

I have an x15 pocket bike that doesnt start. I took it to the only place in illinois tbat fixes pocket bikes and thats the tool store. The guy over there told me its gonna be bout 500 bucks to fix. Im like hell no n took thr bike home. He said it needed a new carb new fuel filter new fuel lines new cdi and new wiring harness and an oil change.
Is it worth it to fix it myself or shud i just sell it? Any buyers in illinois?

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U don't Need a new wire harness if u. Want to use ur kick start, u won't spend more than $100 Fixing u bike, post pics
I'd trade u a workin bike for ur x15:) but I'm in ohio
New harness $35
New carb $40
New cdi $25-30
New fuel filter $5
New fuel lines $10 all prices are a little high but little more or less than $100 for parts so wow he must charge $150 per hour for 2 hours of work and that's considering mark up on the total parts at 50% I guess I'm in the wrong business lol
If I was him, I'd just start with stuff to get it working , he doesn't need the wire harness to get it working does he? Oh yeah he prob does for the key
Just wiring from stator to cdi to coil and that's about it or just ignition pulse to.coil and a battery with no stator to charge the battery either would work to run it then a pz19 carb or cheap 22mm eBay Mikuni knock off blue cdi and coil together I have seen on eBay for $25 shipped and carbs for $35 so I would first take carb apart and clean it that's prob all that's wrong with it and then test the coil and cdi
Cuz if you ask me he just ran down the list of what would make a bike not run and it would b any of those things lol
Zmon1300, getting a bike to run shouldnt cost you that much if you can do the labor. If not you should be able to take it to any shop that works on chinese motorscooters. Shop rates are generally $65hr or higher so take off the plastics to save $$.
There are a lot of threads here on how to diagnose and repair your bike here so look around. Replacing a CDI is easy, it just plugs in. Unless the harness is burnt you probably don't need to rewire.

Oh and make sure to pull in the brake handle when trying to start it. Most of these bikes have a switch wired in that will keep it from starting if you don't.

What does a racing cdi do different than a stock cdi?
hey man, i am about an hr south of the tool store...south side chi...if ya want hit me up and i can take a look at it...chances are it just needs to be gone thru and cleaned up a bit.... i would be willing to do that for ya if ya want....LOL and for a lot less than what the tool store wants too....
Bogie!!!!! Watsup bro?!
not much... cop stopped me today...lol new chick...i didnt get a ticket or written warning so....LOL
LOL the cop admired ur looks that much;) bogie man is now pimp man lol how's ur bike?i orderd a pstart from pocketbike parts .com , I decided that that site is gonna be my main site I'm gonna build some longevity so I can get good discounts :cool:
i cracked a tooth on my pinion (the one on the engine, not the new gear) and its still slow.....LOL its just slow in 3rd instead of 4th....

i am gonna start saving up for a new engine in the 140-160cc range next...LOL
Well, it's mod time then! I felt my x2 didn't go it's fastest so I think I have to retune it and I'm deff gonna mod it til the point it's not gonna be the same! Lol
haha yeah...i am told that it will be a beast with a 160, and then you start looking at the bore kits, and the strokers, and you can easily build a 200cc out of a 150....
Ur bike with a 160? I don't get how parts add cc's , I seem this kid had a 160 x18 or 19 on YouTube
Ur bike with a 160? I don't get how parts add cc's , I seem this kid had a 160 x18 or 19 on YouTube
i would be putting a new engine in...LOL but on n engine, you can bore out the cylinder larger, increasing the cylinders volume and use a bigger piston, or you can stroke it...put a crank with a longer stroke in, thus also increasing the volume of the cylinder (because its making it longer)
$500 the guy must think your stupid,lol. I just got a racing blue CDI and hp orange coil , direct from China thru a California dealer on eBay for $21.88 to my door. $25 for a 25mm carb. $20 for a new wiring harness. Fix it yourself, it's not that hard and alot of people here to help you.
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