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x15 speedometer problems

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Hey guys

I have an x15 and it runs great. But the speedometer does not work at all. Nor does the gear light indicator. The battery gauge also does not work. So i followed the wires and they are not connected anywhere. And there are no other loose ends where i can connect them? How can i get the speedo to work properly??????

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the speedo should plug into the harness if not then someone cut it out search for a diagram to see where they go plenty of people have posted them on here but to be honest the stock speedo is worthless i have not seen one yet that worked plus when u take them apart they wont even go past 50 they physically wont i say save up for a vapor with a dash and the speedo temp sensor all your indicators will work all the time everytime and b accurate as well
other than that the speedo just needs power to work if the magnets are there and the pick up wire is hooked up is there a plug on the harness comming from the speedo cluster
I just installed a bike computer from sigma and It works great!
Im not tryna spend alot for a vapor

Thanks anyways
The Vapor gives you RPM, Temp, Speed, and Run Time. All of those are invaluable in bikes like these.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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