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Ok so I took My carb apart and its back yogether,now I can figure out Where to put the 2 over flow hose at on the carb,its a stock carb,I found the on just now Where the float bowl at,now I need the to know where the other one at,I hooked the gas line up and the gas just started draining out the float bowl over flow,so I figure its doing it because I don't have the other one hooked up,can someone please post pictures of they carb all 4 sides
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sounds like your float is stuck if it just pours fuel out the overflow... take the bowl off and double check that the float moves freely...
If you are looking down at the carb and the air filter side is in front of you the left nipple is the fuel inlet from the tank the right side nipple is a vent and the nipple on the bottom is the drain for the bowl also try a google image search for a pz19 carb
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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