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x18 2011 shifting

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I have got a x18 bike used and when I turn the bike on I shift the gear I can hear it shift and the speedometer tells me what gear I'm in but the bike does not move when I give it gas in any gear it does not move. And when the bike is off and in gear the bike moves freely.

I checked the chain it's on I'm trying to take the clutch of but no success:confused:
Thanks in advance
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Could have something broke inside. Even with a bad clutch you would feel drag with clutch out and in gear I would think. On the right side case, take that little 2 screw cover off, that's where your clutch cable hooks to a barrel and open and closes the clutches see if anything is wrong. If your shifter barrel or something is broke inside it may not be shifting in to gear at all. When you pull the clutch handle in does it fill stiff like you have a clutch??
Make sure the lever on the right side of the motor goes all the way down try removing the cable and put a spring on the lever then down low to pull the lever down towards the ground or just use your hand with it in gear and c if it still moves in gear a lot of the return springs break on these bikes so that would be my first place to check
its my first time opening it (i cant figure out how to post a picture) so i opened the small cover and it looks normal (lol) when i pull the clutch lever the silver pole(barrel?) moves a little but nothing else. and i cant figure out how to take off the clutch.
thanks EPR , dragonprelude
The whole cover that those prices are sitting in needs to come off the motor side cover you will also need to drain the oil and you will need a clutch removal tool there like $10 on eBay
You dont need to drain the oil...lol you can lay it on its side with the clutch side up....LOL all the oil drains to the bottom most point...
True but might as well change the oil if you do new clutches
And on these bikes anytime is a good time to change the oil LOL
On the photos, your avatar has to be around 90Kb, that's pretty small. The other 5 you post have to be 512Kb or less. I'm am not very good at the digital stuff. I put my photos in Pictures in Windows 7 Home Premium, 12Megs, drag them to Paint, click Image, re-size photo, pixels, 1350 x 995 click ok, click the red X box in the upper corner and click save. Avatar photo is around 200 x 150 pixels.
Click on New Threads here on PBP, post your text, click Upload Files & Photos button, browse pictures. You set your avatar at the Control Panel button at the top of the page, Edit Avatar.
yes true bogieboy i did not think of that i had new oil in it

so i took off the hole right side and i see the clutch im going to try tomorrow to take off the clutch with some screw drivers read it some ware.

again when i pull the clutch cable from the leaver at the handle
it feel like their is a clutch even when i change the gear by my foot i can feel it but when i give it throttle it does not mov

link to picture?

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Ya then the clutch is prob bad then or the mainshaft is broke
Wait did you pull the side cover over the sprocket to make sure the sprocket was on there ???
Lol stupid question just have to ask
I haven't worked on any of mine there still new, but have worked on big Hondas, there parts are very similar to the ones we have. I bought a $28 Cylmers Honda repair manual w/ photos, at BikeBandit, 1966 to 1999 OHV single cyld engines. There are aleast 6 different clutches in the real Hondas.
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