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x18 build thread

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ok so as alot of people know im building a x18, i already ordered a engine, a inner rotor kit, and so far thats it. i want something different. i really like the x15 body exept for the ugly front, i really like the nose of the x18 though, can the x15 body fit on a x18 frame? im not worried about the nose...fiberglass.
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The 18 is a lot thinner and the seat fairings and tank are completely different I don't think they will work on the 18 but I think the x7 looks good on them still need some work to fit but a lot easier to do than even try 15 fairings
im kinda thinking of a r6 clone....
that'll do with the x7 fairings the 19 nose is a Suzuki the tail is a aprilia
I forget what the 18 is tho
the 15 is a benelli tornado
dang we had all that figured out one time, now i forgot
X18 1998 Suzuki gsxr, i don't remember the x19 being dubbed the gsxr.
the 19 front is a busa, so its suzy too
the bigger bodies could be cut smaller for the narrow 18 frame i guess
i seen a few x1s on cl and thought about a body fit but they are so ugly
I only say that about the 19 cuz I saw one with the exact same nose but instead of blinkers they were vents but same exact style headlight
Can't post pics from my phone now don't know why
Its a gsxr 600
Dam windows phone sux
i did some poking around with the frame, and there the freaking same thing as the X7! so with minor tweaks the x7 body will bolt right up. so im happy
Not really right up but can be done without too much trouble
i mean the mounts need welded up but all and all its the same freaking frame! haha. hthe heaviest work is going to be the seat structure.im going for a r1 look with projectors and a r6 tail light
Should look good especially with some real lights lol can't wait to see the work I like how they look really thin with that body on it as well
im doin a flat black frame, gloss bloac/rid pinstripe rims, white fairings with white neons. 8000k HIDS with projectors, true R6 tail light, all LED signals, KOSO gauge. and 2 brothers themed exhaust
Should look good especially with some real lights lol can't wait to see the work I like how they look really thin with that body on it as well
shoot... a fog light mounted to the stock horn mount does wonders over the stock....LOL i think it looks pretty clean too.... 55w h3 halogen fog...

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well, i should have me a engine here in monday, i already got my irk....
what engine did you order? lots of them came with irks
i had a 150 with one and i liked it but i had to have the idle higher than normal and id still stall it out sometimes
now i have a ork which is halfway between a full flywheel and irk
but the irk is fun to pull the clutch and hit the redline and see how fast it drops off to idle, it sounds really racy
i got a used 3 valve SDG with 5disc clutch for 110 shipped(if it ever gets here....) i plan on getting a ork because i plan on using headlights, tail lights, ect. im modding it to take x7 fairings and also switching forks, plan on going a twin brembo front caliper setup.
I wonder about those projectors if you put them behind the original lense it will def melt it hid or not and 8000k runs a little hotter than 6000k 5000k is the least amount of heat tho but it's white and projectors create a focused beam which also creates heat just saying don't leave it on while standing in one place too long
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