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Would you purchase x-18 (or any other bike) specific graphics if they existed?

X18 Specific Graphics

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Has anyone here had a hard time finding X-18 specific graphics? I was just wondering because I can't seem to find any on the net. If they were created and made available, would anyone owning an X-18 realy purchase a set or just stick with putting big bike graphics on thier X-18? I am curious and ask these questions because I have created X-18 specific graphics for my X-18. I would like to make them available for X-18 owners to purchase if the interest is there. What do you avid x-18'ers think? X-19,15,22, etc. will come if there is an interest. Thanks folks.
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I think that's good but not think here will be much interest in that but if you made scaled down version specifically for the x bikes of Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Honda ECT with the logos that go with them im sure you would move a few of them if they were made scaled down for the tail and front fairings and tank I mean
You are probably correct. I would love to be able to do that, however, I don't think It's legal per say. If I were giving them away, that would be fine but profiting from using another companies namesake and logo; I'm pretty sure is copyright infringement. I don't want to do that. I hope my X-18 specific graphics are ok and not infringing on any type of copyright.
Its the same thing as long as it is not exact to the tee as size and color your fine just type in gsxr decal eBay and you get over 3000 results
specific designs as in logos etc? i wouldnt get something with a pattern (it'd have to be cool)or something that looks too busy if u get wat i mean.if i bought it and it was blue it would instantly get painted blue=blahhh
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