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X18 Starting Problems

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Hey guys, It's been a while. I put my x18 in the garage for a while and moved onto cars (Acura RSX-S). Anyway my car got totaled by a guy who ran a red so I thought I would revive my bike.

- Bike won't start without starting fluid
- Bike won't start without choke in even if hot
- Spark is good, compression is good

What's the deal?

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Carb float and or jets gummed up remove carb disassemble and clean should be fine after that
carby no flowy
clean tank and line too if gas was in it
Hmm I cleaned the carb, main jet doesn't screw in all the way? Doesn't look stripped neither does the housing? Im going to try to replace the fuel filter. If that doesn't work I guess a new carb. If I was to get a mikuni, it'l bolt right on to my chinese 26mm manifold correct?
replace the filter, maybe get a jet kit. check the jet housing tread for debris that could have stayed wedged in, or take the right size tapping head and screw it in gently to renew the tread. Got pics of that carb? It might not need changing.

PS: sorry to hear about the wheels, but maybe you can get something more worth while now like a nice SR20 or a version 6-7 sti swap. Turbo 4's ftw
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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