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X18 total makeover

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Hello PBP! So this is my first post here after lurking for quite some time. I got my x18 about 4 months ago instead of getting an actual motorcycle (Only 18 myself and my parents werent too fond of the idea..) When I got the bike, there were a lot of problems with it. Previous owner neglected it and had it sitting for about a year. I had no clue what I was doing with it besides laying on the throttle. This site and its posters have been a great source of information and reference. Without knowing a single thing about engines, carbs, or even how to change the oil on this thing, Ive taken this thing apart to the bone and put it all back together. Thanks out to Cam2 for all your posts on carbs and basically any mechanical issue with the x18. Also thanks to swheels for your post on fitting the x7 body on the x18. Love the way my bike looks now! Ive had a blast riding, fixing, and upgrading this thing. Ive got a few mods I still wanna do to it but for now the list is... Painted the entire bike, X7 body kit (without lower fairings), 17t front sprocket, racing cdi, 1/4" fuel line, upgraded filter, NGK iridium plug, PBU battery charger, and a cone air filter. Ive got a better ignition coil coming in the mail soon too. The only mods I want to do after this are putting on a gold chain, HID kit, and LED lights on the inside.. Although Im still on the fence about the LED's because I dont want this to look cheesy. I just finished painting it last night and took it out today and I'm so happy with it. I'm turning heads wherever I go and a cop even passed by me and waved! In short.. Thank you PocketbikePlanet. Couldnt have done it without you :D


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Looking good if I was to do anything else to it I would find a 6.5 rear shock and use the stock spring on it cuz the stock one will kill you lol its just a spring no real shock there you can find some cheap on eBay for $40 or less
nice x7/18 mod, it make the bike seem soo skinny
That looks sweet! I really like the fairing on it!
Thanks Blitz! Funny story actually.. I bought the x18 with the fairings a bit chipped and I wanted to replace them. Then I dropped the bike going on a paved back trail behind my house like an idiot, so I definately needed new fairings. Pocketbikeparts says they sell the entire body kit, but its all a lie lol Then I saw Swheels x7 mod thread and loved it so I went with that. I absolutely love how it looks. The curvature almost gives a Ducati look. Thanks for the compliments people :)
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