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X19 brake light stays on all the time

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SO im trying to get this thing street legal and I know I need a tail light and brake light, so is there any way to wire the stock LED taillight so that it will be activated by the brake lever? Also, can I have it so that there is a tail light at all times when the key is on but still have a brighter brake light when the brake level is squeezed? thanks in advance
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Yes wire the low side of the bulb to the same key on circuit I told you to do for the headlight running lite and there should be a two prong switch on the brake lever you can use to activate the stop light

wire the brake lite tail light so the low level has power and ground when you turn the switch on preferably use power from a fused source from the battery and use the key switch part for ground use
As for brake or stop light now use the same power wire for that but use the brake lever switch to a ground location now when you pull the lever it will activate the stop light you will also need a hydro switch for the rear brake if your master does not have the two female spades you will need to get one because your foot brake also needs to light the stop light
which locations should I splice the wires at,(whats the best spot to do my cutting of wires how would you recommend I do the splicing (IE solder, butt connectors?)?

Dude, you are helping me so much, I cant thank you enough.

oh yeah and in this picture, which wires are the high and low for the tail light?


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Um I would always solder and heat shrink tube is always the best way to go as for where to splice in I don't know I would make my own wiring for the lights that way there are no faults never any problems if you tap into the stock harness you will have problems connectors like to come apart and come out of the cavities ECT the brake ligjt you can do just like this
Use the same fused power source as I told u before to both the rear the low side of the ligjt do direct power and ground right to the frame as close as you can
Now for the brake light still use the same power source but run the ground wire to the brake lever switch and then from the switch to the closes part of the frame with some slack so when you turn the front it does not pull it and make sure to use red color wire for power and black or green for ground so you know if there ever is a problem you can find it fast
Oh the power source should also be from key on so find the wire that gives power with key on and use that if you want
And now that will always work with key on so it's legal also wire the low beam headlight as well and now you can use the headlight on off switch for a high beam switch
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So i figured out why the brake light was always on, it's because whoever had the bike before me had a piece of wire wrapped around the prongs at the back of the bike, essentially short circuiting the brake switch, I took it out and with the lights on the rear brake light low circuit turns on in sync. So basically all I have to do now is figure out where I'm going to tap the wires for the running light and brake light. I just want to be careful not to run too much power from one wire I feel like that might cause it to melt. How much stuff do you have running off your key on switch?
Um well you could wire a relay and that would solve all the wiring maybes you would go power straight from the battery to the relay then one side of the relay to ground then power from the key switch to the relay then power from the relay to the parts you are looking to run
That way all the load is on the relay and wire from the battery and not the key switch seems complicated but it's really not just pick up a 4wire relay and some male spade connectors and the relay box will show you the circuit
nice, yeah that's probably for the best
Sorry some female spade connectors my bad
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