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x19 issues. New to super pocket bikes need manual or wiring diagram

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x18 issues. New to super pocket bikes need manual or wiring diagram

I have a x18 110cc pocket bike that i recently purchased but im not sure if the previous owner actualy wired everything right. I Just put in a new spark plug, battery is charged but my engine wont start even though it primes and my elect start doesnt work i believe. when i hook up terminals to battery, my elect start or handle bar controls doesnt work. So does anyone have either a repair manual or a wiring diagram? Thnx any help counts.:D
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hopefully something here will help


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hopefully something here will help
This looks like something that ill need THNX. this is for the x19 right?
The first one is for an X18 which is real close. My X18 has a kick start too, so you must have an auto trans. Could be the starter motor or bad or wrong wiring. All these bikes have electric problem. Your bike might vary slightly but the CDI, voltage regulator, and starter solinod, and battery are pretty much the same. Work on the X18 diagram to your bike one wire at a time, see if the colors of the CDI are the same. Even my 125cc ATV has the same CDI and plug.
ok so if i have my solinoid facing this way:

what side does the startle terminal go on and what do i hookup to the the other side?
One side goes to the battery and there is a second wire to your fuse before it hooks up the you key switch, the other side goes to your starter motor.
do i hook the starter directly to one side of the battery or one side of the solenoid? if so, what side does the battery go on? ground or power?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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